About us

We know that there are thousands of other disposable vape brands out there, but here's why we are confident YOLO is the GOAT of all disposable vapes. It has the perfect draw, looks and feels great in your hand, and they taste f**king amazing.

All of our flavours have been through emissions testing, and are registered on the MHRA portal, which is a claim not all brands can make!

Our manufacturing partner has been in the vaping industry for 18 years. That experience combined with state-of-the-art facilities ensures that every YOLO is built to the highest standards, meaning an almost zero-defect rate and a better vaping experience for everyone.


Our products speak for themselves. YOLO bars are unreal and we are so excited to have created such an amazing set of flavours...and there's more to come in 2023!


YOLO disposables hit differently. Each new device includes a built-in battery with a unique top-up feature. Pre-filled with personality-packed flavours, your vaping experience lasts up to 600 fulfilling puffs. Pick your vibe and grab life by the vape!