How to use disposable vapes

How To Use YOLO Bar Disposable Vapes

New to YOLO? Get ready to grab life by the vape and savour each moment, one fulfilling hit at a time! Because that’s what life’s all about, right?

With built-in batteries and 575 fulfilling puffs, our pre-filled disposable devices are ready to vape straight out of the box! To use any YOLO Bar, simply find the mouthpiece at the top of the device, inhale, and enjoy.

How to Recycle YOLO Disposables
  • Once all of the puffs in your YOLO device have elapsed, carefully remove the battery and separate it from the plastic.
  • Make sure to clean away any e-liquid residue, then take these pieces to your local recycling centre along with your battery.
  • To save yourself a journey, we recommend checking with your local council or tip first to find out if they will accept these parts.
Vape Yolo Bundle Deal Fruits
Which YOLO Flavour Should I Choose?

We can guarantee that there’s a YOLO flavour made for you and your vibe. Check out all of our flavours below!


Our banging Banana flavour delivers nothing but sweet and smooth fruity notes that are sure to hit the spot again and again.

Mango Ice

Exceedingly exotic with intense ice notes, this is the only Mango Ice flavour you’ll ever need!

Lychee Ice

Who said you need to jet off somewhere tropical to be in paradise? Our Lychee Ice disposable is a fruit lover’s dream, loaded with sensational exotic Lychee notes all intensified by soothing waves of Ice.

Grape Ice

Two simple flavours, one heck of a flavour journey. Grape Ice is a smooth frozen fruit flavour overflowing with luscious fruit hits taken a step further by cool bursts of Ice.

Mixed Berries

Trust us, you won’t be having mixed feelings about our Mixed Berries flavour. Our dark Mixed Berries disposable hits with a sweet and tangy fizz, presenting a deeply rich flavour experience that only takes a few puffs to satisfy!


Big up Blueberry: this stand-alone flavour with a standout Blueberry taste gets richer and richer with each and every hit!


There’s nothing quite as soothing as our flawless Menthol flavour with its mega minty notes.

Watermelon Ice

Treat your taste buds to the ultimate Watermelon Ice flavour filled with cold and succulent fruit notes throughout.


YOLO vape devices hit differently. Our neon bars include a built-in battery with a top-up feature and come pre-filled with personality-packed flavours up to 575 fulfilling puffs. Pick your vibe and grab life by the vape!